from by A Love Like Pi



I met a man with a broken dream
talking bout how it used to be
he said, “boy do it while you can,
cause nothing good’s waiting at the end”

our bodies sing when our heads are still
late at night’s when I start to feel that nothing’s right
I knew the words when I had a song
but everything’s quiet when you’re gone

I’m just a boy falling over myself
oh, I got lost in the material
trying to get back to the moment I fell for you

we do the dance and we make a mess
keep it up till we lose our breath
sit back and think it through,
there’s nothing left for me to do

don’t be so afraid to make mistakes
we’re remembered by the messes that we make (so let’s make them all)
the tricky rhythm that you fake, you fake,
don’t mean a thing until you start to fall


from III, released March 14, 2016


tags: rock New York


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A Love Like Pi New York, New York

A Love Like Pi, like their name, mixes the abstract with the indelible, continuing to treat each track as a piece of their ongoing, album-spanning narrative.

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